flash bang wallop! press reviews--

“…A superb collection of photographs of icons from every branch of the gurning, gobbing family tree of punk, “Flash Bang Wallop!” is nothing less than a masterpiece…”

Record Collector #257, January 2001

“…Dickson fast became the lens on the scene throughout the formative punk years…”

Guitar Magazine, September 2000

“…All the usual suspects are here in this definitive photographic record of the punk era (the perfect accompaniment to Jon Savage’s untouchable tome “England’s Dreaming”)…”

Melody Maker, 1-7 November 2000 (Book Of The Week)

“…It’s brilliant!”

Ramones UK Fan Club, November 2000

“…Ian’s photographs are one of the best documents to cover the original Punk movement yet published, and the overall effect of the book is one of attitude and inspiration rather than mere nostalgia. I cannot recommend it enough…”

Fear And Loathing, November 2000

“…Dickson was the man with the camera at the right place at the right time to capture evocative images of anyone who was anyone in punk…”

Burton Mail, October 2000

“…Best looked at in the cold, grey light of dawn after no sleep at all…”

London Evening Standard, 18 December 2000

“…A good-looking anthology…”

The Latest, September 2000

“…Whether you’re an old Punk and just wanna reminisce or a young kid who’s just curious to the roots of our scene, this is bloody essential!…”

Here Be Monsters #21, September 2000

“…Stunning photographs capture the spirit of the punk rock explosion…”

Newcastle Evening Chronicle, 21 September 2000

“…The book views like pop history on film…”

Bucks Free Press, 22 September 2000

“…If you were there, you might spot yourself in a photo or two. If you were too young but have the slightest interest in music, you need to know what happened. This is a very good place to start…”

Footloose In London, 8 November 2000

“…It’s great to see Dickson’s photos willing to expand the standard definition of punk though, to include artists who had all the attitude but didn’t gob on people…”

Southern Cross, November 2000

“…Compiled with obvious love and enthusiasm – rare commodities these days in the publishing world – it gets so close to the action that you can almost taste the amphetamine sulphate…”

Hot Press, 22 November 2000

“…Ian Dickson was (as Mick Jones from The Clash points out in the book) on the frontline…”

Organart.com, November 2000

“…Annotated with the remembrances of major players – various Ramones, Stranglers, Damned and others – it makes for top nostalgia…”

Q #172, January 2001

“…Essential stuff for lovers of seventies music and an interesting browse for anyone old enough to remember wearing their bicycle locks to school…”

Club International, January 2001 (Book Of The Month)

“…This book is quite simply stunning and gives a fresh insight into the movement…”

Open Up And Bleed #9, Winter 2000/1

“…A truly essential title…”

Waterstone’s Online

“A must for anyone who remembers when boy bands were ‘ard and songs were short and fast…”


“…A stunning visual record of the Punk era…”

God Save The Sex Pistols (On-line Fanzine)

“…Do yourself a favour and get this book!..”

Neat Damned Noise #14, Winter 2000


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